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4/8 – YWCA Afterschool Update

The After School program had an exciting week filled with trips to the Brooklyn Museum and the Lego flagship store, and activities that encouraged creativity and perseverance. The Gardening class built protective supports around young trees in the school yard and prepped soil for planting. Students in the dance class are working on new choreography for the next installment of the “Reading in the Round” series on April 13th. The Theater students continued to work on their short films, filming scenes outside in the warm weather. On Wednesday the program took a trip to the Brooklyn Museum, attending the Agitprop and Stephen Powers: Coney Island is Still Dreamland (To a Seagull) exhibits. On Thursday, students in the Engineering class visited the flagship Lego store in the flatiron district, using their makerspace and examining complex projects made from simple pieces.