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4/5 – BCS hosts students from Denmark!

Over the past five years, BCS has built a very strong relationship with students and ​staff from Tornbjerg Gymnasium, a progressive high school in Odense, Denmark.  This collaboration began in 2012 as an exchange program between the music students, expanded to include students from Big History, and now intersects with many cross sections of the entire BCS community.  Every year that our guests visit, many BCS families open our doors and host students for two evenings in a true act of kindness!


This year, visitors were treated to roundtable presentations from Grade 6 and 7 students discussing their recent case studies on eminent domain in Brooklyn and gun violence in America, a walking tour of Red Hook with BCS alumni discussing issues of gentrification impacting our community, a fun visit to the American Museum of Natural History, and an exciting Crewlympics competition led by our Adventure Coordinator Mai!  Everyone had a super time, for the fifth year in a row!


In their final reflection on Tuesday before they left, here is what some of our visitors had to say about their BCS exchange experience:

“I really enjoyed talking with alumni about gentrification because they painted a picture of the life in Brooklyn.”

“I really enjoyed interacting with the students when we played basketball because it’s not something that we play much in Denmark, so that was sweet.”
“I really enjoyed talking to people with different cultures, ideas, and viewpoints.”
“I really enjoyed talking to the students about similarities and differences-especially about the political system because it testifies to different cultures and debunks stereotypes at the same time.”

“I loved being at Brooklyn Collaborative. I enjoyed all the debates. Everyone is so open and full of love.” 

“My experience with the students was fantastic discussing different topics.”
“I liked the teambuilding competition on Tuesday night because it was nice seeing any age, cultural, and social classes having fun and just being educated.”
“I really enjoyed talking to the students when we were presenting because we got to hear what they thought about Denmark.”
“I enjoyed how brave the younger students were!”
“The students were very open and friendly.”
“I was surprised we shared the same opinions regarding gun laws and politics. Even the younger kids were very mature.”
“I had an amazing discussion with Aaron and Amya about politics, guns, and the different races.”
“I really enjoyed doing the presentations because I had a dialogue with the students.”
“I enjoyed debating with the students about the gun laws.” 
“I really liked all the relevant conversations we had with each of our different views on the debates.” 
“I loved exchanging thoughts and opinions about our culture and systems.” 
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