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4/16-20 – Highlights of the Week!

Great full week at Brooklyn Collaborative!


Tuesday 4/17 – we had a small staff celebration to recognize the retirement of Chris J, our Master Programmer!



Thurs 4/19 – we hosted our Superintendent Kathy Rehfield-Pelles, her team, the staff of the NYC Outward Bound Schools, and all the network principals and Instructional Guides for a day filled with learning about math and numeracy network-wide.  Visitors enjoyed watching Arden and Sam’s classes engage in the Carousel protocol where they analyzed each other’s work in groups.  The day also coincided with our LG ET Mathlympics with students engaged in a day-full of numeracy games/activities including Lightbot, Unlock the Box and more!

IMG_9129 IMG_9128 IMG_9133 IMG_9134 IMG_9135IMG_7351IMG_7358


Thurs 4/19 – Kori’s ASL Theater UG classes took an adventure out to LaGuardia Community College to see a workshop development of a new musical which featured several Deaf artists.  They had a wonderful time and were immersed in an incredible tale!  Here is a description of the play: Orella is born deaf at the brink of the Italian Renaissance. Her journey takes her through a childhood of poverty, an adolescence in hiding, and a young adulthood at an asylum for the “cursed”. However, her drive to learn and her courage to communicate with Sign Language unites a broken kingdom, and Orella is ultimately crowned the world’s first proud Deaf queen.  It is believed that American Sign Language (ASL) is the THIRD most commonly used language in the United States. However, the long, grim and extraordinary path towards modern Deaf culture is hardly common knowledge.  Through the eyes of a Deaf heroine, this underrepresented historical topic is given a Gothic folktale spin in this sweeping  story of empowerment. LPAC’s Rough Draft Festival will present a work- in- progress presentation of this original piece, focusing on the complex and magical fusion of  theater, music and ASL. 

IMG_9318 IMG_9326


Fri 4/20 – Several BCS young women had the opportunity to attend the STEM Goes Red Event. This event is sponsored by the American Heart Association, CVS, Macy’s, Salesforce and a host of others.  Students participated in a variety of workshops including chemical engineering with Carnegie Mellon, making “Shrinky Dinks” & learning about cosmetics and the process of heating, cooling, mixtures and reaction.  Students also made littleBits robots with CVS which they got to race and take home!  During lunch, students learned how to maintain a healthy heart.  Then they experienced Speed Mentoring and shared some laughs, hearing the role models say that the hardest thing about being a women CEO was “having a husband!”  The day capped off with the girls making their own vision boards, inspired by what they had seen that day.  A wonderful event!

IMG_2798 IMG_2820 IMG_2823 IMG_2832 IMG_2818IMG_2774IMG_2781IMG_2757IMG_2804IMG_2749IMG_2768

Fri 4/20 – we had Showtime at BCS, our talent show!!  We’re so proud of our student performers!

IMG_9156 IMG_9162 IMG_9163 IMG_9168 IMG_9187 IMG_9207 IMG_9178 IMG_9218 IMG_9179 IMG_9190



Our YWCA afterschool program continues to rock!   This week the YWCA @ BCS after school cooking class made French toast!! The students wanted to transform regular Italian bread into a popular kid friendly favorite; by popular demand, French Toast was the finished product.  In our Art class, several of our girls created homemade jewelry boxes.

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