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4/11 – Social Studies ET Fieldwork

Check out our fieldwork adventures around the city today!



Students in Grade 12 Economics were challenged to see NYC economics in one of three ways: Economics as a civil rights issue, circa 1960, on a gallery tour at The Museum of the City of NY; Economics as a representational issue, 1900-20, via a curator talk at The Whitney Museum; or Economics as a street issue, via a neighborhood tour at the Bronx Museum of Arts. Seniors also hosted our visiting students from Denmark, sharing with our guests not only how we learn using fieldwork but also sharing our beautiful city’s many resources!

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Students in Grade 11 US History started their final MPBAT case study on the Stonewall Riots and how the actions of ordinary people were able to effect change. This day allowed them to have an immersive experience in the location that the riots took place in. Students discovered the sites where LGBT people organized and became a strong voice to stand up and collectively organized.

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Students in Grade 10 Big History 2 were assigned one of four groups (Gowanus, Red Hook, Greenpoint, or Battery Park City). Each group started the morning with a BBK unpacking the impact of the Modern Revolution on their assigned neighborhood. In the afternoon, students explored their assigned neighborhoods and made observations and conducted interviews about potential impacts of the Modern Revolution.

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Students in Grade 9 Big History 1 went to the American Museum of Natural History and compared and contrasted two species in two different rooms in preparation for a final project where they will be asked to invent their own species based on these parameters. The journal required them to do further research on these species as it relates specifically to evolution. Students also watched a film about Henry Walter Bates and his application of Darwin’s theory in his studies of species in the Amazon.

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