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4/15-18 – Highlights of the Week!

4/15 – Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon visited Josh and Lauren’s ELA 8 classes as an “expert” for The American Dream Expedition political speeches.

4/15 – Algebra Grade 9 students presented their Math PBATs in roundtables.  They collected data on a topic of their choice and analyzed correlation, patterns, outliers, and residuals after calculating the line of best fit.

4/16 – Grade 8 Math students shared their infographics from their “Freedom from Want” case study.  We explored financial topics such as credit, minimum wage, budgeting, the connection between education/earnings, and more!

4/17 – Our Grade 7 debaters had a wonderful presentation of learning on the topic: Should human genetic modification be allowed in America?  Shout out to the ELA 7 team of Christina B, Jane and Devon for all their hard work supporting students in their debate prep and research.

4/17 – Students were open-minded, curious, collaborative, persistent, and engaged as they studied anatomical features through dissection in Science 8.  Kudos to the students and to their teachers Vibert and Christina T.

YWCA @ BCS After School Program

  • This week the YWCA @ BCS After school made homemade Carribbean style patties! Our cooking class prepped, seasoned, cooked and served delicious patties for their after-school peers. They also learned some fun facts about the Carribbean culture and signature foods.
  • Our Art class is still working on their cool “World Map” project. This is where geography meets Art as students create a beautiful wooden piece that will be on display in an upcoming YWCA art gallery this month.
  • Our group “The Eliminators” is working on a much longer and more difficult routine than ever before. We are excited to see them perform for the showcase.
  • For more information on our program, please contact Janet Cooper at

4/17 – Today seniors made the next biggest decision in their lives besides going to college, registering to vote!  We were able to even register some of our BCS alum. Let’s go Class of 2019!  GOTV!

4/17 – Our Junior interns continued their exploration of careers through another round of Career Chats where they interviewed different professionals to learn about their responsibilities and how they worked towards this career path!

4/16-18 – Our Grade 9 campers made their way to Fishkill for Grade 9 Crew Expedition (a 3 day/2 night Crew immersive with support from NYC Outward Bound Schools).  They had an incredible time!  Crews supported each other to overcome fears, step out of comfort zones, and reach their goals – through hikes, camping, team building tasks, and high ropes courses.  For more photos, visit this link.