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3/28-30 – Upper Grades March Intensives!

On Tues 3/28, Wed 3/29, and Thurs 3/30, all Upper Grades students participated in intensives throughout the city. Here are some highlights below!

Grade 9 engaged in a variety of intensives, including:

Crew 9: John and June’s Intensive “Activists Make Change (AMC)”:
In this intensive, students researched current modes of resistance and activism in the 21st century exploring topics ranging from Women’s Health, Black Lives Matter, Immigration, Climate, Labor rights, and Gun violence; examined the relationship between activism and art-making (by exploring the exhibit Perpetual Revolution: The Image And Social Change at the International Center of Photography); met with local officials to dialogue about how activism informs policy; chose an issue to support; did an observational study of a real protest/demonstration; and formed committees in preparation for a student-centered protest in May (during our next set of intensives).

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Crew 9: Jill and Alie’s Intensive “Who Are These Books For? We Need Diverse Books (And You Too!)”
In this intensive, students took inventory of diversity in children’s literature at Brooklyn Public Library branches & book stores (including Carroll Gardens and Red Hook branches and the Teen Room at the Central Branch), met with authors, book publishers, and a book marketer (including author Zetta Elliot at the Pacific branch, author Paulette Bogan at the Word Bookstore in Greenpoint, and Hannah Ehrlich from Lee & Low, Director of Marketing & Publicity), interviewed parents with children, crafted their own story about being SEEN in books, with a plan to present their research to the libraries & stores visited during the next set of intensives in May.  Students focused on essential questions: Who is represented in children’s literature? Who is less visible? How can we increase diversity in children’s literature so that all kids have “windows, mirrors, and doors”?  Students will also get the opportunity to suggest how to spend $150 in library money, deciding which books should be added to our library at Brooklyn Collaborative.

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Crew 9: Melissa’s Intensive “We Are Travelers, Not Foreigners”
In this intensive, students visited the American Museum of Natural History ¡Cuba! EXPO to learn how its complex politics and vibrant music have attracted the attention of the world.  At the museum, students also interviewed travelers to the museum.  Students visited the Instituto Cervantes of New York to analyze the political aspects of Chilean painters living in exile in France and explored different cultural events in Europe.  Lastly, students visited the MET and explored Native American works of art focused on indigenous traditions across the North American continent.

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Crew 9: Abbey’s Intensive “Hidden Messages”:
In this intensive, students focused on the essential questions: Why do we use subliminal language?  Why don’t we say what we mean, and mean what we say?  First students watched the film Beauty and the Beast and discussed the hidden messages and morals they believed were embedded.  Then students traveled to the Barnes and Noble in Union Square and re-read 5 children’s books that they had already read when they were younger and analyzed them about how the books spoke to them know versus when they were younger.  Then students interviewed people in Union Square about what children’s books they read when they were younger and morals they learned through those texts.  Students then visited St. John the Divine and Columbia University to analyze the architecture, murals and tapestry and discussed what stories are being told.  Students are working on a final product with a hidden message/moral to display around Brooklyn Collaborative.

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Grade 10 Crews
All 10th grade students had a College Day experience at either Brooklyn College or Union College, visiting with Brooklyn Collaborative graduates right on campus!  Crews also dabbled in possible culinary careers.  Dwight and Taylor’s crews explored the National Gourmet Institute Culinary School and got a behind-the-scenes tour of Devocion cafe to learn about the coffee process/trade.  Milo/Andrew’s crews and Sheryl/John’s crews participated in an author talk about “Food for Thought.”  Big thank you to the BCS PTA for funding our annual Campus Invasion!

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Grade 11 Crews
All 11th grade students had two full day College Day experiences exploring an out-of-state college, a local private university/college and a local public university/college.  Students visited at least two campuses from the following list: Franklin and Marshall, Columbia University, Fordham University, Manhattan College, BMCC, Brooklyn College, and Queens College, visiting with Brooklyn Collaborative graduates right on campus!  Students recorded notes and reflections in a campus invasion fieldwork journal and interviewed current students about Campus Life.  Students ate on campus and spent independent time journaling about their experiences and future plans, focusing on the question: What criteria can I use to determine which college is right for me?  Big thank you to the BCS PTA for funding our annual Campus Invasion!

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Grade 12 Crews
In their last set of intensives, students explored our amazing city.  Seniors toured some of NYC’s most beloved destinations: Bronx Zoo, The Lower East Side (an educational walking tour of Chinatown and Little Italy), and Central Park.  Crew leaders supported students in staying fit by romping around the city, exploring these landmark destinations.

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