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3/26-29 – Highlights of the Week!

Another SUPER week at Brooklyn Collaborative!

Congrats to Brooklyn Collaborative and to our BCS librarians Amanda C and Susan!  We are the winners of a Library REACH Grant Award!  This grant, which focuses on funds to improve library facilities, provides $2300 for us to upgrade an area of our library. We will be focusing on our nonfiction section! This section is full of great, contemporary nonfiction, but it is often overlooked by students because it is a bit dark and uninviting. To promote nonfiction books, we will create a cozy area that encourages students to browse in the same way they do our fiction sections. We will be purchasing additional lighting, better displays, portable workstations, and more.
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3/26 – Cookbook author and cook, Diana Kuan, visited Brooklyn Collaborative seniors as part of Stephen and Tamika’s Economics class. She served as an expert on food and immigration links. Born in Puerto Rico to Chinese parents who ran a Cantonese restaurant, Diana shared her own immigrant stories mostly centered on food. She also focused on immigrant foods as cultural links. Her next book is about the search for hot sauces in Asia.



3/27 – Stephen and Tamika’s class also welcomed comedian and writer from The New Yorker, Karen Chee, who visited Brooklyn Collaborative seniors on Tuesday as an expert speaker.  She focused on the question of immigration policy using the lens from historian Howard Zinn, commonly called “hoping again hopelessness”, about which she has recorded a radio essay for KQED in San Francisco. Chee is a graduate of Harvard, ‘17, and lives in Flatbush.



3/27 – Our Grade 6 crews and our Grade 9 crews (with support from our Camping Coordinator Laura) participated in a 2+ hour fun orientation to help them set the foundations for May camping.  They engaged in fun team building initiatives with their crews, crew leaders, and NYC Outward Bound staff.  Everyone’s looking forward to Crew Orientation camping in just a few weeks!

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3/27 – See our larger web posting about our special guest Tracy Morgan who visited BCS as part of the State Bag Drop special event for our lower grades!  Special thanks for Parent Coordinator Tracey for making this event happen!

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3/28 – Jesse, Tanisha and Hannah (from NYC Outward Bound) did a great job with our interns at Salesforce’s Career Meet & Greet!  What an honor for our juniors to visit the Salesforce offices.  Students enjoyed playing Office Tour Bingo, learning about an “average day in the office,” practicing their interview skills, and hearing about how the Salesforce team got into their current positions.

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3/28 – Our junior interns also participated in our 2nd Annual Career Chat.  We believe it is important that our interns hear about as many different paths to jobs and careers as possible as we believe in the power of story and how they shape us as we grow.  Students heard and interviewed several community members about their pathways to meaningful employment.


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Last week 3/23, we also enjoyed hanging out with the Grade 6 HOWLers who received pizza party recognition for their social and academic success to date.  They played “Poop the Potato” which is a universally loved initiative!