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3/18 – BCS Video Game Club First Annual “Game-a-geddon” is a smash success!


On March 18, the BCS Video Game Club held its first annual “Game-a-geddon” tournament for the entire Upper Grades to help celebrate the spirit of gaming at BCS!  The VGC was delighted that 64 students took part in the first Game-a-geddon.  It was by all accounts a huge success!!
The winning team was called Role Play Group (R.P.G.) captained by junior Guillermo.  The winning team then competed against each other in a mystery game for the individual title of best gamer at BCS.  The winner was junior Mohammed who won the coveted Game-a-geddon trophy, The Golden Controller.
The students are already talking about the next competition, and some have even asked us to hold a similar event at the end of the year and make it a bi-annual event!  We anticipate a surge of attendance at our next BCS Video Game Club night in a few weeks!  A reminder that BCS VGC meets in room 524 at 3:05 after school on Fridays, and all are welcome!
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