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3/12-16 – Highlights of the Week!

We had a packed week!


On 3/11, students were treated to a special screening of “A Wrinkle In Time” hosted by former NFL player, UN Woman Global Ambassador, writer and culture consultant Wade Davis, in partnership with award winning actress Gabrielle Union, the Ms. Foundation for Women, HP, Smart Girls and others.



On 3/12, students participated in a special Flamenco Festival show at New York City Center.

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Our lunchtime library continues to be popular!



Last week, students in Junior Internship had their first Career Chat.  Shout out to our participants who volunteered their time & shared their person stories about their education & career journeys: Haniyfa, Marien, Jose, Todd & former BNS parent Lenny.

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Students in Spanish I are enjoying an artist residency with Jose Joaquin Garcia in the Latinx case study with teacher Magen.  The case study theme focuses on Puerto Rico and Activism from the City to the Island.  This collaboration is prompting students to research culturally relevant information and further develop their language skills in all four communicative competencies: writing, reading, speaking and listening. Through artistic and musical expression, the Spanish Lab classroom is booming with cultural rhythms and linguistic exploration!

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On 3/14, crews participated in a crew action about gun violence.  Our walkout was planned by BNS/BCS Cabinet, the BCS Social Justice Committee, and the BCS UG and LG Student Councils. (Photo credits: Justin Weiner, BNS parent)

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On 3/15, LG students ventured out into the city on their ET.  The 8th grade went to the Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island for an educational program about the Four Freedoms speech and its relevance today, then they conducted fieldwork interviews with people on the street about their connection to these ideas.  The 7th grade ET was based out of ELA where students have been reading the book Monster by Walter Dean Myers. This book is written in the style of a screen play and students practiced working on creative writing in the same style.  Students explored the city addressing this question: You are the next big screenwriter ready to win your Oscar for 2019 Best Screenwriting of an Original Series! Using the historic NYC setting as your inspiration, you will create original scenes in this location based on a genre of your choice.  The 6th grade explored three Brooklyn neighborhoods that we focus on for our gentrification unit (Bed Stuy, Red Hook and Sunset Park), making observations and asking residents/business owners: Has gentrification changed the culture and/or makeup of neighborhoods in Brooklyn?

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On 3/15, Scill participated in an special Affinity meeting with renowned educator Debbie Meier and several of the founding teachers from CPESS.



On 3/16, students in the Green Engineering class were measuring the length of the actual size of a blade of a wind turbine, which is 164 feet, using the entire length of the 5th floor hallway!

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On 3/16, we had our first annual BCS/BNS International Food Festival!  What a great community event!

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