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3/4-8 – Highlights of the Week!

What a wonderful first week of March!


3/7 – 11th grade crew leaders and Karlette hosted our 11th grade families for a College Process Orientation coffee/dessert get-together on Thursday night.  So excited to continue the college process with the Class of 2020!

Parents at College Orientation

3/8 – We hosted author Jacqueline Woodson at the first ever school-wide read for both Brooklyn New School and Brooklyn Collaborative!  Students had read the book and done corresponding activities in crew leading up to the event and presented their work on behalf of their crew on Friday.

3/8 – March Madness is happening at Brooklyn Collaborative!  The Student vs. Staff Basketball Game was a raucous joyful success!  Final score – 58-39, staff wins!!  Thank you to Obie’s Eliminators LG Dance Team and Chrissy and the Cheer Team for the pre-game pep rally.  Thank you to Student Council for organizing such a great event!  Thanks to PTA Co-President for taking pictures!  Everyone had a wonderful time, we are crew!

Congratulations to the BCS Debate Team!

  • This weekend the BCS Debate Team traveled to Shrub Oak to compete in the Westchester Classic at Lakeland MS.
  • The team faced off against opponents from within and outside of NYC about the complex resolution: The US should end arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
  • Major kudos to our teams for their persistence, open-mindedness, collaboration, and responsibility! They had a wonderful learning experience at the tournament.
  • Our Debate Team also entered three times as many teams as last year, setting the team up for a strong season next year. Here are the teams: Luke & Leo (8th graders); Shai & Tovi (7th graders); Eliza & Elijah (7th graders); Regan & Isaiah (7th graders); Rahm & Atticus (7th graders); Sam & Bea (6th graders); Benji & Clyde (6th graders)
  • There are two more tournaments this season: City and State Championships. Stay tuned!

Debate Debate DebateCongratulations to the BCS Debate Team!

Student Council Weekly Update

  • Grade representatives continued their committee work.
  • The Beautification/School Facilities Committee met with Custodian Engineer Manny to share and discuss their findings from the circles, survey, and meeting with Johanna and to collaborate with the custodial team on how to efficiently and effectively implement the Committee’s ideas about school cleanliness.
  • The School Spirit Committee is continuing to plan and do the outreach for March Madness events, including the staff vs. student basketball game and the pep rally preceding the game, and the middle school and high school dances. Show your school pride and support the March Madness activities: Friday, 3/8, Staff/Student “School Spirit” Basketball Tournament.
  • The Fundraising Committee is planning additional fundraising bake sales. Their bake sale at the Friday, 3/8 Staff/Student “School Spirit” Basketball Tournament generated $120 for Student Council activities.
  • Student Council meets weekly periods 5 & 6 in the Health Studio (room 124)

YWCA @ BCS After School Program

  • This week the YWCA @ BCS after-school Program Dance class continued to practice for the pre-game pep rally for the March Madness Staff/Student School Spirit Basketball Tournament and for the Showtime @ BCS Talent Show next month!
  • Our group “The Eliminators” is working on a much longer and more difficult routine than ever before. We are excited to see them perform for the showcase.
  • In our Art class, the students created figures using pipe cleaners!
  • We would like to thank our 6th grade after-school student Ulysses for teaching the class how to use create these action figures. It’s been a favorite ever since.

Afterschool activities Afterschool activities Afterschool activitiesYWCA @ BCS After School Program


Ed Kelly: BCS/BNS Technology Specialist & Robotics Faculty Leader

Ed Kelly: BCS/BNS Technology Specialist & Robotics Faculty Leader

BCS aenior Nasrine and teacher assistant (TA) interviewed Ed and summarized below.

Ed has been working at BNS and BCS for eleven years (2008) as the school’s Technology Coordinator and Robotics Leader. Ed came to BCS first as a parent. Ed has a daughter who is a BCS alum and a granddaughter who attends BNS.

How did Robotics start?

  • Robotics formed as a group/club at BNS and, with the support of Barber, became a class in which girls became involved. Robotics began at BCS as high school club and has grown into one of the school’s largest clubs. Similar to robotics at BNS, robotics at BCS is offered as a class in our middle school. This year, we also had a robotics middle team.

What’s it like switching between the two schools?

  • There is a big difference beginning with the students’ ages. At BNS iI work more with students trying to grasp and understand the concept of robotics; whereas at BCS, the students are much older and tend to understand the concept of robotics much easier.

What is your most memorable moment so far?

  • The schools allowing me to have robotics and makerspace and to share it with students at BNS and BCS.
  • Also, one student who has graduated was really struggling in his academic classes. I encouraged him to join the robotics team and it really allowed him to find his interest and hobby. This student started doing really well in his classes. He became the programer for the robotics team for three years.

In what ways have you helped contribute to the community?

  • Technology is a tough issue to get done and to have it work smoothly for students and teachers. Sometimes technology is broken or malfunctioning and I am there to fix it. I really like how the schools are improving with technology.

Any hard times?

  • Paying for it all; technology is not cheap to get all . This year I am proud to have won 225,000 dollars to renovate the makerspace room, among other enhancements. It also can be challenging to get students to understand the concept of robotics.

What is something you are proud of?

  • I am proud of how the Robotics team still works together and have become a family! Students who have graduated, like Danny and Gloria, to name a few, still come back to see the improvement the team has made.


Congratulations to BCS senior Elias!

Congratulations to BCS senior Elias!

  • Congratulations to BCS senior, Elias winner of BMCC’s Panther Tank business incubator’s daily competition on Friday, 3/1..
  • Elias’ idea is to have mobile shower units for homeless people where soap, water and disinfectant are mixed.
  • Elias was awarded a signed copy of Trevor Noah’s new autobiography.