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3/2-6 – Highlights of the Week!

Super packed week to start March!


3/2 – Juniors interns continued the very strong partnership between BCS and SalesForce by visiting their offices in Midtown on Monday afternoon, pictures here with mini-Albert E, a mascot in the lobby.


3/3 – Grade 6 is loving their library time!


3/3 – We had our mid-year Town Hall.  Imani, Scill, and Asha joined the BCS Cheer Team, and we had a feisty game of staff vs. students Hot Potato!


3/3 – We hosted Genessee Charter School from Rochester, NY who came to BCS to learn about our restorative practices implementation.  Our students and RP Team led a Building Background Knowledge workshop and a student/staff panel.



3/3 – Candidate for the 39th City Council District, Shahana Hanif, joined Stephen and Tamika’s economics class today to share about her work in participatory budgeting.


3/3 – Our School Leadership Team engaged in a Quality Work Protocol facilitated by EL School Designer Aurora to help us look at student work and see patterns across the school.


3/3 – We had guest speaker Adrienne Haskell, licensed clinical social worker and school social worker, facilitate a discussion at our monthly PTA meeting focused on helping our children cope with anxiety and depression.


3/4 – ELA 6 book clubs – everyone is enjoying the genre matrix to diversify their reading lives!

3/4 – Maria Santana, from Free Arts NYC, joined the internship seminar class on Wednesday, to share her experiences as a fundraiser and counselor at her afterschool program.


3/5 – Mike Sanchez, a Verizon lineman, IBEW local 1, joined Sarah and Stephen’s Crew for Mathlympics today!


3/5 – Upper Grades Mathlympics!!  Congratulations to our winners of Mathlympics today!!!  We are so proud of our students for persisting through each of the stations and embracing a growth mindset!!

Winners for 9th grade – Abby / Greg Crew
Winners for 10th grade – Alex / Brittany Crew and overall winners
Winners for 11th grade – William / Chrissy Crew
Winners for 12th grade – Jill / Melissa Crew


3/5 – Crew 12 did Urban Expeditions around the city!


3/5 – Lower Grades Expeditionary Thursday was great!  Stay tuned for our longer post!


3/6 – Journalist Hannah Bae joined Stephen and Tamika’s economics class on Friday to share about school diversity, inclusion and focused program spending.


3/6 – School Spirit Decades Day!


3/6 – New York State Assembly Member JoAnn Simon, who represent BCS’ district in Albany, hosted her biannual student voter registration drive.