BCS News / Family Announcements

11/13-16 – Highlights of the Week!

Another busy week at Brooklyn Collaborative!

11/13 – Students in Melissa’s Native and Heritage Speakers class explored the origins of different last names and made posters about their own last names and crests.

students learning about last names students learning about last names

11/13 – Taron, our Restorative Practices Coordinator, presented at this month’s PTA meeting.

circle set up circle set up

11/14 – Check out pictures from Arden’s Yoga class!

students doing yoga students doing yoga

11/14 – We celebrated Twin Day!  Here’s our longer post: https://www.smore.com/9fq61

students and staff dressed alike for Twin Day students and staff dressed alike for Twin Day students and staff dressed alike for Twin Day students and staff dressed alike for Twin Day students and staff dressed alike for Twin Day

11/14 – We hosted our NYC Outward Bound Schools board member Vicki Foley and several NYCOBS staff.  Vicki walked through several classes, spoke with staff and students, and caught up with life at Brooklyn Collaborative.  Vicki even snapped some photos of Jill’s courageous wings project and checked out the final art products in 7th grade.

students painting students painting students painting

11/14 – Author Carol Weston joined Melissa’s ENL class for lunch to preview her forthcoming book.

students with author

11/15 – Lower Grades had their last Expeditionary Thursday of the fall!  Check out our longer post for a more detailed summary and more pictures: https://www.smore.com/0nbda

11/15 – The first snow of the year!  Check out this pic from UG lunch!

students looking out window

11/16 – Fearless Like You author, Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, joined senior Government classes to speak about her work on identity politics.

students with author

11/16 – The BCS Crew-to-College UG Team had a retreat at the offices of CARA (College Access: Research & Action, located at the CUNY Graduate Center).  Our staff (Beth, Karlette, Sarah, Raka, Dwight, Scill, Tanisha) were joined by Janice Bloom, the Co-Director of CARA; Jessica Director of College Supports with NYC Outward Bound Schools; and Jennifer Grunin, a College and Career Planning Manager with the DOE Office of Postsecondary Readiness.  We discussed how to align our college supports and enhance our college access culture.

meeting norms