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9/26 – Curriculum Night

BCS Curriculum Night

Wed 9/26

5:15-5:40PM Family Welcome and Overview in Auditorium

  Overview from School Leaders: Scill, Amanda, Imani PTA Overview & Annual Appeal: Veronica Cruz & Reshonah Bennett, PTA Co-Presidents Lower Grades After School Program: Janet Cooper, Program Director    

5:45PM-6:15PM Session 1

Go to the presentation specific to your child’s grade
Workshop Title Leader Audience Room
How to support my middle school child Todd Grade 6 Auditorium
IXL Educational Website: Targeted support for students to gain mastery in Math Adam Cw Grade 7 407
Transitioning from 8th to 9th (the HS articulation process) Deb Grade 8 408
The path to on-time graduation Scill & Imani Grade 9 506
What is a Mastery Passage PBAT? What is a PBAT? How is my child preparing for the ELA Regents? Sheryl Grade 10 509
BCS Internships and What is the Model Job Fair? Tanisha & Jesse Grade 11 508
Supporting your child: Overview of College Process — Application & Affordability Information about graduation, senior trip & prom, rings, pictures, fundraising and more Karlette & Helene Grade 12 524
NOTE: The BCS/BNS Book Fair is open tonight until 6:15pm in the 4th floor Library Please drop in and support our wonderful library program and share a love of reading!  

6:20PM-7:15PM  Session 2

Meet and Greet - Teacher Presentations in Classrooms   MEET AND GREET: LOWER GRADES SCHEDULE (Grades 6-8) 6TH GRADE - Go to 426 for meet and greet with all 6th grade academic teachers 7TH GRADE - Go to 407 for meet and greet with all 7th grade academic teachers 8TH GRADE - Go to 411 and 414 for meet and greet with all 8th grade academic teachers   MEET AND GREET: UPPER GRADES SCHEDULE (Grades 9-12)
Grade Rotation 1: 6:20pm-6:35pm Rotation 2: 6:35pm-6:50pm Rotation 3: 6:50pm-7:05pm Rotation 4: 7:05pm-7:15pm
9 RM 523 ELA (Angela/Tamika) RM 503 Math (Algebra) RM 506 Science RM 524 Social Studies (Big History Team)
10 RM 524 Social Studies (Big History Team) RM 509 ELA (Sheryl/Phil) RM 503 Math (Geometry) RM 506 Science
11 RM 506 Science (PBAT teachers) RM 526B Social Studies (John S/Chrissy) RM 513 ELA (Dwight/Phil G.) RM 503 Math (PBAT teachers)
12 RM 503 Math (PBAT teachers) RM 506 Science (PBAT teachers) RM 508 Social Studies (Stephen/Tamika) RM 525 ELA (Andrew/Chrissy)

**Early Sessions**

4:45-5:15 p.m. English Language Learner Parent Orientation Room 505B Our ENL teachers, Melissa McClure and Michele Rayvid, will conduct our ELL Parent Orientation for newly enrolled English language learners.  Our orientation describes the identification and assessment process and outlines the available program options to English language learners, including English as a New Language and the various Bilingual Education program models.  Translation will be provided.   4:45-5:15 p.m. YWCA @ BCS After School Program Info Session Room: Auditorium The YWCA @ BCS will be hosting an information session. During this session, you will have an opportunity to meet both our Program & Assistant Program Director, learn about our wonderful program and hear about the exciting activities for the school year! APPLICATIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE!  For more information about the YWCA @ BCS After-School info session, Please contact Jcooper@ywcanyc.org (Janet Cooper - Program Director)