BCS News

3/5-9 – Highlights of the Week!

A busy week... even though we had the snow storm mid-week!  Here are some insights into our week at Brooklyn Collaborative.   On Tuesday, Linda S (7th grade parent) gave an informative presentation at the PTA meeting about teens and technology!  Everyone was grateful for the info/tips she shared! IMG_7324   On Wednesday, Grade 8 Social Studies presented their roundtables on "How progressive was the Progressive Era?" IMG_7331   On Thursday, we hosted parent-teacher conferences.  Jill's students from 8th grade Art designed some iron-on stencils for tote bags and organized a fundraiser to make the 5th floor T into an art gallery.  Current student work was on display for parents to see! image IMG_7339   On Thursday, students in Alg 2 showed us how teamwork is done, using the team roles from College Preparatory Math with Arden and Sam! IMG_7335   On Friday, 7th graders participated in Reader's Theater while engaging in the text Monster by Walter Dean Myers. IMG_7356