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1/13 – 10th Anniversary of our Internship Program!

Fri 1/13 was a special day!  We marked the 10th Anniversary of the Brooklyn Collaborative Internship Program which has served each graduate in the history of our school!  Moreover, it was Jacques' last Model Job Fair with us, as he will be transitioning out of the role of Co-Director of Internships after a decade!  Crews in Grades 9-11 had Career Awareness activities leading up to Friday's event.  Jacques will be spending more time with his family after his departure, and he will also work part-time supporting other schools in developing their internship programs.  Tanisha will remain with the Internship program to continue its success, and we welcomed back Jesse from maternity leave as the new Co-Director of Internships.  What a wonderful day in Brooklyn Collaborative history!   MJF9B MJF9A MJF9 MJF8 MJF7 MJF6 MJF5 MJF4 MJF3 MJF2 MJF1 MJB9D MJB9CMJ   We also had a fantastic luncheon for graduates that afternoon.  Graduates shared how they have applied their BCS learning in the world after graduation.  So proud of the young people who carry the Brooklyn Collaborative name into the world beyond our walls!   Alum1 Alum2 Alum3