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1/31 – Global Voices Service Club: Paws for a Cause

BCS Global Voices is back and in full service action! This year we are working on a school-wide project titled: Paws for a Cause. The students have done research and want to help the many innocent animals in need of food, shelter and love this year. We have placed 4 donation boxes in the building to collect any and all items that we can donate to local animal shelters and rescue centers. We will be using our funds from our fundraisers to add onto the donations. You can find the boxes in:
  • 4th Floor Library
  • Room 423
  • 2nd Floor Entrance
  • Room 410
We are seeking to collect pet food, animal toys, bowls, blankets, pet clothes and any other items that animals can benefit from.
As an avid animal rescue and foster volunteer with my family, all of these items help animals feel safe, healthy, loved and adoptable. Global Voices is currently working with Anjellicle Cat Rescue and working on partnering with a few other no-kill rescues/shelters.