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12/21 – BCS Does All We “CAN” By Donating 584 Canned Goods and 180 Toys!

What do kindness and collaboration look like at BCS? It looks like crews coming together to participate in a canned food and toy drive that resulted in 584 canned goods and 180 toys being donated to two Brooklyn community-based organizations.

We are thrilled and inspired by the overwhelming open-mindedness and generous response of the crews. Your demonstration of responsibility to community through your commitment to the drive will make a difference in the lives of local children and families. Your individual packages of food and toys–stuffed animals, educational board games skateboards, toy cars, action figures, books and more—will assist families who cannot afford to feed their children or to buy toys for those who wish to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

With your persistence, we reached and well exceeded our goals. Your contributions were vital and make us proud to be part of such a giving community!

Over the course of the drive, it has been wonderful to see students eagerly cheering on their crews to bring in canned goods and toys, crew leaders keeping tally of their donations, crew leaders themselves bringing in donations for the drive, and crews engaging in amiable competition to win a pizza party or to make ice cream sundaes as prizes.  In the last few days students have been hurrying to fill up the donation boxes and dropping off bags of food and toys in 516 every period.

We will post tomorrow the crews that contributed the most canned goods and toys, when combined, to the drive.  We will also present each crew this week with a certification of responsibility to community for their participation.  We look forward to each crew’s continued participation in another food drive this spring.

A round of applause to each crew and a specific shout out to Tiffany for her enthusiastic support of the canned drive, including daily visits to the crews to announce the drive, daily tallies, packaging the goods for pick up, posting flyers, and researching and identifying community-based organizations, Steven for his penchant in including puns in the flyers he drafted, Fallon and Asha for assisting with tallying and packaging the goods, Kia for making a banner to announce the drive’s totals, Isabel for her bulletin board PR and laminated posters on the doors of each crew, Ron for his brainstorming input and ‘getting-the-word-out, Jill for identifying students to decorate boxes for the donations, Tracey for identifying local organizations, and Brandi for being open-minded to using canned goods as a ticket for admission to our recent boys and girls varsity basketball games.

Go BCS! Two thumbs up for using our core values to make our canned food and toy drive a huge success!!