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12/5 – LG Expeditionary Thursday

Our Lower Grades had a full day of fieldwork!

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6th Grade Social Studies – United Nations & Human Rights

In social studies, our 6th graders have been learning about the United Nations. On Thursday, students had a chance to tour the UN and learn more about its mission. They analyzed how the UN works to maintain international peace and security, promote economical and social development, and promote human rights around the world.

Students learned about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to understand the basic human rights it is believed each person is entitled to and why they matter. They also discussed The Sustainable Development Goals in relation to climate disruption.

At the end of the day, students started learning about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. They learned about the Arab Spring, Bashar al-Assad, and the factors leading so many to seek asylum around the world. Students were asked to write a journal entry from the viewpoint of a Syrian teenager forced to flee their country.



7th Grade Science – Sugar in the Body

In continuation of the Sugar Expedition, students visited the New York Hall of Science in Queens. There they explored The Evolution / Health Connections Exhibit. During the trip they will learn about nutrition, sugar cravings, diabetes, sleep habits, and more. What is causing the obesity epidemic in America? After having completed their infographics, this trip will give students another angle to understand sugar’s effect in the body.




8th Grade Social Studies – Civil Rights

In social studies, our 8th graders are studying “What does the fight for Civil Rights look like for different groups of people?” Civil Rights are no longer (and never were) just a “black” and “white” issue. To make sure that we are as inclusive as possible, different ET groups saw exhibits around the city that focus on different groups of people in regard to civil rights. Using Thursday’s field work, students will evaluate how Civil Rights are applicable to all people.

The students will visit either:

  • Activist New York Gallery Experience (Museum of the City of New York)
  • PRIDE = POWER Gallery Experience (Museum of the City of New York)
  • Immigrant Rights and stereotypes (Museum of the Chinese in the Americas)