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12/17-21 – Highlights of the Week!

12/18 – Our Internship students practiced tying ties in Seminar class and attended a special field trip to Salesforce to practice their interviewing skills with the Salesforce Team.


12/19 –

UGLY SWEATER DAY!  We looked mah-velous!

12/19 –

Musicologist Stephanie Thompson completes her first “Get in Tune” cycle at Brooklyn Collaborative with Sarah and Stephen’s 9th grade Crew.  She will be joining Christine’s 6th grade crew in the future!

12/19 –

What It Could All Be: An Evening of Music at 610 Henry Street!

  • On Wednesday, 12/19, BCS and BNS bands kicked off an evening of music that concluded with Andrew Drury’s Drum/Bridge.
  • Congratulations to senior Emily F. who presented her PBAT recital–performing Bach’s Minuet in G minor and Chopin’s Spring Waltz, Mariage d’ Amour. A round of applause to seniors Amya (on bass) Destiny (on drums), and Emily (vocalist) who performed the piece Black Sheep and our middle school band who performed Jingle Bells. Emily and Amya closed the BCS portion of the evening by leading the audience in singing Ben E. King’s Stand By Me.
  • Major kudos to music teacher Christine for her musicianship, for cultivating in our students a joy in learning and playing an instrument, for being our music students biggest cheerleader, and for supportively challenging them to have the courage to perform before an authentic audience!
  • The event raised $1200 for the bands that will be split between two campuses!!

12/20 – Our 7th grade students conducted presentations of their learning for the “Truth Beneath the Wrapper” expedition, where they discussed important milestones in sugar production in the Americas, demonstrated how sugar impacts different body systems, and created their own persuasive ads to impact better food choices.  Students also presented their projects to elementary students in Brooklyn New School downstairs.

12/21 –

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Student Council Representatives!

  • Our many thanks and deep respect to all students who campaigned, wrote and delivered compelling speeches, and ran to represent their grades.
  • We are so proud of how they conducted themselves and conveyed their willingness to collaborate with their peers and commit to “be the change they wish to see at BCS”.
  • We celebrate their courage, persistence, responsibility, and pride in being a BCS student.
  • Help us congratulate the students who will be their grade’s representatives.

6th Grade – Clyde K. and Benji W.; Isbella T. (alternate) & Jose R., Jr.(alternate)

7th Grade – Heily C. and Erick L.

8th Grade – Madison M. and Evalisse H.

9th Grade – Jordyn M. and Isaac F.; Esau Jones (alternate)

10th Grade – Ronny M. and Clark L.

11th Grade – Yasmine S. and Maryory M.

12th Grade – Michael A. and Erica J.

student council campaign flyers

12/21 – Our ENL students and teacher Melissa presented their annual C-ELL-ebration, with students preparing breakfast for their teachers and sharing some of their work!

Other updates:

So proud of 11th grader Chase who was in a special performance with the Possibility Project!


Kudos to our BCS Wolves Teams!

students at girls basketball game students at girls basketball game students at girls basketball game

Congratulations to BCS Librarian Amanda Clarke! Identity and Representation in Literature Club

  • Amanda won a DOE grant in the amount of $2000 to support her Identity and Representation in Literature Club that meets weekly on Fridays!
  • Kudos and a huge round of applause to Amanda’s tremendous efforts to enrich the reading lives of our students one book and one literary experience at a time!

Author Jacqueline Woodson wows our 6th graders!

A group of 6th graders had the opportunity to see Jacqueline Woodson in action last week! Jackie is currently the National Ambassador for Children’s Literature, in addition to being a Newbery, Caldecott, and Coretta Scot King (and many more) award winner.

Jacqueline Woodson

Green Engineering projects

YWCA @ BCS After School Program: Grades 6 – 8

Back by popular demand!! This week the YWCA @ BCS after-school program’s cooking class made homemade Pizza! Our first time making Pizza was earlier last week; the students enjoyed the dish so much that they requested if they could make it again. In this class, they learned how to prep, make dough and measure accurately to make the perfect pizza.

For more information on our program, please contact our Program Director Janet Cooper via email at

students cooking pizza students cooking pizza

students cooking pizza