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11/6-10 – Highlights of the Week!

In Upper Grades Yoga class, for the past two weeks, students have explored themes of teamwork, trust, and vulnerability through “partner poses”– poses that when done independently are super challenging, but with the support of a partner are more accessible.  We are so proud of our students for their collaboration, persistence, and mindfulness!

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Shout out to the lower grades CHAMPS soccer team who won their first game of the season against MS 839 on 11/8 with a score of 2-1. They have been persistent in their early morning practices and this paid off in this awesome win!

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In Upper Grades drafting class, students are starting their first big project called “Reimagining NYC: Building Community.” Students will be asked to design a structure that promotes community and will eventually produce orthographic drawings and models.  On 11/8, students ventured to our roof as the first step, to see what aspects of our city physically divides our boroughs, our neighborhoods, our people… and how intentional these divides are.

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Fourteen lower grades students ventured out to the climbing wall at the NYC Outward Bound offices in Long Island City with chaperones Laura and Adam.  Every student set a goal for themselves, and it was awesome to watch them challenge themselves and encourage each other throughout the afternoon.  Layla (Grade 6) even reached the top of the wall (the equivalent of a six story building!).  We offer climbing experiences afterschool several times a year to any interested students!  See Laura for more details!

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10th grade Crews (Abbey’s Crew and June’s Crew) engaged in a geocaching adventure on Friday’s All-Crew Day by Triangle Park (11/10).  Students were thrilled when they located several treasures, including a 3D printed container with a log of all those who have succeeded before them!

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BCS rocked this weekend’s MS debate tournament at Midwood HS.  Students competed in two teams in the open public forum division where the resolution was: The United States should require universal background checks for all gun sales and transfers of ownership.  Our teams competed in the toughest division of PF Debate available for MS and everyone went home with medals!  This was also the largest ever middle school tournament in NYC so the competition was tough.  Leo and Diego placed 19th and Luke and Shai placed 15th place overall!  Luke was also awarded the team MVP trophy for competing in the open division for his FIRST ever tournament.  Congrats!

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Brooklyn Collaborative was the featured school at the Barnes & Noble Mini MakerFaire this weekend 11/11 (B&N Park Slope, 267 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215) from 1pm-5pm!  Our Robotics Team was awesome, showcasing new tech products and our own in-house constructions!  A portion of the store’s sales during this period will benefit the Robotics Team.

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