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11/28 – Student/Family Update

Dear BCS Families/Students,

We hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!


Spirit Monday – Hoodie Day – on Mon 11/29

  • Tomorrow Mon 11/29 is BCS Spirit Monday – Wear a Hoodie Day.
  • Be ready to take photos!
  • Please share your photos of your crew/colleagues with

Tuesday Clubs

  • We have clubs this Tues 2:20pm-3:15pm – all students are welcome at all clubs
  • Please join Tuesday Clubs – see club listings here
  • If there is enough interest in a club and the teacher is available, we would like to offer clubs more often – please speak with the club staff adviser if you’re interested in meeting with the club more often

Indoor Lunch for Lower Grades Students when it’s too cold

  • Due to the cold, we anticipate having more indoor lunches – usually when the weather is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or if the wind is greater than 10 mph.
  • We check the weather and make the announcement daily at 11:45am to students/staff.
  • During indoor lunch, students eat for approximately 10 min in the cafeteria or the auditorium, with windows open, multiple filters, and social distancing where possible
  • For COVID safety, we would like to have outdoor lunch as much as possible but we understand that eating outside can be challenging when it’s very cold or windy
  • We encourage all BCS students to please get vaccinated for community safety

College March – Fri 12/10 – celebrate the Class of 2022!

  • Heads up to our annual College March – a celebration of our seniors and their journey towards being college-bound
  • Senior parents and seniors will receive an invitation and a sign up form to choose your lunch option – please look out for it in your email – lunch and the celebration at the school and at the post office will be entirely OUTDOORS, please dress warmly!
  • Schoolwide students will have crew-to-college lessons and make posters in preparation for the College March
  • On Fri 12/10, students will have Crew during Pd 3 so that we can line the perimeter of the school outside to cheer our seniors (Pd 1-2, 4-7 will be regular schedule for all other students except seniors)
  • Dress warmly that day!  We will provide students with a College March shirt to wear on top of their clothes to show BCS pride as we honor the seniors for their milestone!

Parent Opt-Out Deadline extended for SEL screener until 12/4

  • If you do not want your child to be screened, please opt out of the DOE-mandated Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) by filling out this form and talk with your crew leader.

If you need a DOE device to do work at home, email Tracey

  • Crew leaders interviewed all students about their need for a DOE device to do remote work at home and we issued devices to students who expressed a need
  • If you have questions, please reach out to Parent Coordinator
  • If the DOE systems show that you already have a DOE device at home, you cannot be issued a second device so be sure to return your first device to the school

Student Absence Notification

  • If your child has to be absent, please email your child’s crew leader
  • Your child’s crew leader will notify your child’s teachers and the attendance office

BCS Library is Open Mon-Fri – come borrow a book 

  • All students are welcome Mon-Fri from 8:15-9am and 2-2:30pm to borrow books from our library (Room 401)

Pop-Up Vaccination Clinic for ages 5-11 here at BCS

  • When: Wed, Dec 8 7:30am-4:30pm
  • Where: 610 Henry Gym, enter on Henry & Coles Street
  • 610 Henry Vaccination Clinic on Dec 8.  Remember to designate BCS as your referral so our PTA will receive $100 if you get the shots at a city run clinic.
    • This clinic will serve 5-11 year olds only
    • No appointment necessary  – check in with Sandra when you arrive at gym

All BCS students are eligible to get vaccinated – please get vaccinated

Get your vaccine or booster at a city-run vaccination site and BCS gets $100

  • If you schedule an appointment at a city-run vaccination site AND pick Brooklyn Collaborative Studies as the referring organization during the online booking process, BCS will receive a $100 incentive payment.  You can also go to a city-run walk-in site and say that BCS referred you and we will also get the $100.
  • All students/parents who get first doses are eligible for incentives – when you book an appointment through look for the question below and choose Brooklyn Collaborative Studies in the dropdown after putting in your contact details and BCS will get money.  See arrows below.