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10/5 – 11th Grade US History celebrates Premiere Night!

On Thursday, October 5th, 5-7pm, 11th grade students debuted their US History film projects at our first annual Premiere Night.
Students spent the first few weeks of school critically examining different narratives of the Columbus encounter with the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, and were then tasked with coming up with their own narratives to tell the story!  This expedition highlights the importance and power of authorship when constructing historical narratives – who is left out, who is included, and what are the impacts of this?  Students chosen to tell their stories in a myriad of genres, from Sci-Fi (involving aliens and inter-planetary conquest), murder mysteries (involving a mysterious killer lurking around a neighborhood), to more literal tellings (involving Columbus himself), and many more!
Our Premiere Night packed our auditorium with students, families, staff, and community partners coming to support and screen our students’ 60-second trailers.  All audience members voted, with the top 3 vote-getters being awarded The Golden Textbook of Excellence.  
It was an amazing premiere night!  The auditorium was packed, the buzz in the audience was palpable, and student pride in themselves and in each other and the work was clear.  The popcorn, red carpet, instant online voting, and the audience-participation process of choosing the ultimate winners was icing on the cake!
Congratulations to the period winners:
  • Pd 1: Tanjin, Anella, Destiny, Kayleen
  • Pd 4: Brandon C, Humberto, Tanicee, Jessenia
  • Pd 7/8: Deija, Angel, Erona, and Javier
And the heartiest congratulations to the overall winners: Brandon C, Humberto, Tanicee, Jessenia who won movie tickets in addition to the Golden Textbook of Excellence!
All the films reflected diverse adaptations on the narrative of Christopher Columbus.  Students used iMovie to create fantastic 60-second trailers with support from expert filmmakers and our partners at Scenarios USA and Reelworks.
Stay tuned to our website where we’ll post photos the links for the trailers!
Thanks to all the community partners, families, BNS staff, and BCS staff who supported at Premiere Night.
We are proud of you, Class of 2019!  You’ve set a high bar for future Premiere Nights, and you’ve hopefully started a wonderful new BCS tradition.
Pictures from Red Carpet:
Pictures from the screening: