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10/25 – BCS Teams Up with NYPD!

Team Up Tuesday – October 25, 2016

On Tuesday, BCS students and staff participated in a fun day of collaborative activities as part of “Team Up! Tuesday,” the first citywide effort to bring together public school students and their local police officers to foster an important community relationship through interactive enrichment. We welcomed three officers from the 76th Pct for a full morning of activities.


Officers join Candice and Sheila’s ELA 6 class

First the officers joined a 6th grade ELA class. Students discussed an article related to how law enforcement officers keep Americans safe, in connection to last month’s bombings in Chelsea. Then the students engaged the officers in a lively Q&A where the officers talked about their equipment and training and students asked them a variety of questions, including how often they’re in high-speed chases!
img_4565 img_4570 img_4569

Staying Fit and Active with NYPD!

The officers then joined Brandi’s Grade 8 PE class where they participated in several lively games of basketball on mixed teams with students!
img_9904 img_9902 img_9899

Restorative Circle and Promoting Dialogue

Finally, the officers joined Taron and several Restorative-Practices-Coordinators-in-training to simulate a restorative circle where students performed a role play of how to mediate a conflict between friends. The officers joined in the role play as “parents” of the conflicted students and as community members. Together, the circle talked about the conflict, how to make amends, and what was the impact of individual actions on the community. Then we ended the fun morning with a pizza lunch with the officers!
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Brooklyn Collaborative commits to building relationships between our students and our local community and police force. We can’t wait to “team up” again!