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10/9-12 – Highlights of the Week!

Our halls are looking beautiful.  Check out the documentation panel created by teachers John and Chrissy about the US History Great American Movie case study.

panoramic picture of bulletin board

Also our amazing school aide Isabel continues to put up her artistic bulletin boards which beautify our space!

crew/boat bulletin board college bulletin board


This week the YWCA @ BCS After-School Program facilitated Art inspired by some of our students’ favorite books and had some birthday celebrations!

students standing with a birthday cake student holding up artwork two students in the library

Reading is alive at Brooklyn Collaborative!  Check out this great classroom library in ELA 9 with teacher Angela!

classroom library classroom library classroom library


10/10 – Congrats to Eddie and our Robosharks Team and our Makerspace!  We won for a $225,000 grant to support our programming.  How exciting!  Looking forward to the amazing action coming out of the Makerspace!!!  Eddie and Tracey went to a press conference today with the Brooklyn Borough President and Chancellor Carranza to pick up the award!

Eddie, Tracey, and Chancellor Carranza Eddie holding check

10/10 – Our junior interns had the opportunity to meet with Salesforce team members to learn more about the company and the benefits of being a team member at one of the largest relationship management platforms in the world.  Students learned that over 150, 000 companies use Salesforce to grow their businesses by strengthening customer relationships.  Students interviewed Salesforce team members to learn about their educational and career paths.

Students checking in at Salesforce


10/11 – We had our first Upper Grades Expeditionary Thursday.  It was an awesome day of exploration, despite some rain.  Check out our larger post here:

10/11 – Councilmember Brad Lander visited our seniors to discuss his various achievements over his three terms, including equity and diversity initiatives in District 15 schools.  Check out his Facebook post!

Facebook post


10/11 – We welcomed several VIPs to Brooklyn Collaborative for a principals meeting with the Affinity network.  See our larger post here:

Cheryl Watson-Harris speaking to principals Donald Conyers speaking to principals


10/12 – Musician Stephanie Thompson leads her music program, Tune on In, with Stephen’s 9th grade crew.

students playing small drum students playing small drum

10/12 – Students in Kori’s 7th grade Drama class did physical interpretations of the movie Coco and started designing their Day of the Dead altar pieces.

students in a circle in drama class

Students in Spanish 1 with teacher Magen used the Frayer model to support their vocabulary acquisition!

student work on vocabulary word Frayer model

10/12 – Teachers Brittany and Abbey are leading their Chemistry classes through the Periodic Table.  Students used manipulatives and mystery clues to help each other guess particular elements.teacher and student looking at periodic table


10/12 – Our Director of Post-Secondary Planning Karlette met with our juniors to go over the importance of studying for the SAT exam and taking the exam at least twice.  Students received a free College Board Study Guide as part of our “Twice is Better than Once” SAT campaign (Twice Will Increase College Entrance Opportunities).

Raise your confidence, raise your SAT score slide about taking SAT twice

10/13-14 – staff members Tracey and Stephen helped staff our table at the High School Info Fair this weekend.  We’re looking out for potential crew members to join our Brooklyn Collaborative community!

two staff members at HS Fair table