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10/7-11 – Highlights of the Week!

Super busy week – loving the fall weather here at BCS!


Shout out to our Attendance Super Stars for perfect attendance!

Bookface Poster #15 won the most votes.  Congrats to Nasir on being the best bookface in this 7crew challenge.

Grade 6 is enjoying their Social Studies case study on digital citizenship, using resources from Common Sense Media.

10/8 – Painter Candace Fong joined Stephen’s Crew to share her work, Glitter Women, an oil painting portfolio celebrating women’s liberation.

10/8 – We had a great open house with over 250 families interested in learning more about applying to our middle school.  Thanks to all the students, staff, and parents who helped us with the tour!

10/9 – Students conducted a swab lab in Biology.

10/10 – Students explored various sights in NYC for the first Expeditionary Thursday in our Upper Grades.  Stay tuned for the longer post.

10/11 – Bengali-American artist, Monica Jahan Bose, joined the senior government classes to share her evi-artwork Storytelling with Saris, an installation work about climate change.

10/11 – Congressional candidate, Adem Bunkedekko, joined the senior government to share ideas about his status as a candidate.

10/11 – Grade 7 students conducted a paper airplane lab to practice the scientific method.  Congrats to the students who had the planes who flew the furthest!

10/11 – Upper Grades Art students explored art from different geographic regions and made a replica of a piece that spoke to them from a country of their choice.

10/11 – US History Grade 11 students premiered their short films about important events/themes in early American History as a precursor to the trip to see the Broadway smash Hamilton on Wed 10/16.  Congrats to John, Chrissy, and all the student winners!  The winningest group “America: Then, Now, and Forever” features Abigail T, Brianna B, Khaleel Y, and Tony A.  They won the honor of performing their spoken word piece on the Hamilton stage on Wed!