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10/4 – US History Premiere Night!

On Thursday, October 4th, 5-7pm in the Auditorium, 11th grade students debuted their film projects at our second annual Premiere Night.  We were so proud of our students and our teachers John, Chrissy, and Seana!

Students spent the first few weeks of school critically examining different narratives of the Columbus encounter with the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, and were then tasked with coming up with their own narratives to tell the story!

This expedition highlights the importance and power of authorship when constructing historical narratives – who is left out, who is included, and what are the impacts of these choices?

Students chose to tell their stories in a myriad of genres.  Check out some of the trailers here!


Here were each period’s winners!


Period 1

“The Columbus Playhouse”

Michael Morales, Katherine Obando, Jalen Knight, Samuel Harney, Joseline Gausin

Period 2

“The Mean Colonists”

Diana Mateo, Maria Flores, Hunter Murphy, David Santos, Jonathan Ramirez

Period 4

“The Haunted Legacy”

Gabriel Rivera, Angela Jiang, Kayla Rosa


“The Chrisco Killer”

Marselys Williams, Ulises Mendez, Rosalie Mendez, Chasiti Reed


Best Actors:

Maria Flores

Gabriel Rivera


Most Collaborative

Chrystal Roman