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10/22-28 – Highlights of the Week

Another full week at Brooklyn Collaborative!


10/22 – The class of 2019 had the opportunity to meet admissions representatives from close to 50 institutions as they explored their interests in areas of study such as psychology, aeronautics, and the arts – to name a few.  BCS students were then taken on a tour of  St. Joseph’s College where students were given a brief history of the Pratt family and their contributions to the beginning of SJC; navigated the public areas of the college while experiencing the student commons, library, early childhood center, classrooms, financial aid office and more.

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10/23 – Council Member Brad Lander joins Generation Citizen leaders in Government class seminar about public housing and voting.

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This week, the YWCA After-School Program at BCS’s cooking class made their own Mayonnaise! Students learned the science behind preparing this simple dressing. They learned about measurements, seasoning/ingredients and how to accurately follow a recipe.  Our art class learned how to create origami!  Several of our 6th graders enjoyed creating fun shapes and learning how to master this fun yet simple form of art.


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10/26 – 6th grade ELA had a publishing party – we loved reading students’ essays, hearing them talk about their writing process, and seeing families share in their celebration.

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10/26 – We had our first Science Expeditionary Thursday (although technically it was a Friday!)  Check out our longer post here:

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10/26 – Our 7th grade scientists completed a chemical reactions lab.

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10/26 – Several of our staff and students had the special opportunity to attend the 30th Annual New York LGBT Film Festival!

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10/28 – We had a wonderful Applefest community event/fundraiser with BNS/BCS.  We love the 610 Henry Street campus.  It was so much fun.  Thank you, parents, families, staff, and students for an incredible job well done!!  See our longer post here:

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