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10/21-25 – Highlights of the Week!

A super busy week in October!

10/21 – Our seniors went to the NYSACAC Regional College Fair!

10/22 – Our school store, the brainchild of our Student Council, is open for business for Tuesday Mastery Support!

10/22 – We had our first Parent Equity Workshop in the Library this evening.  So glad to engage our families in our important schoolwide equity conversations!

10/23 – Jasmine Khan, leading branding expert for The Medici Group, who creates work strategies for Disney and ESPN, visited the junior interns today.  Her talk centered on diversity as a strength in businesses.

10/23 – Students with strong habits of scholarship were honored with a climbing trip to the NYC Outward Bound Schools offices where they have the largest outdoor climbing wall in New York City!  Thanks to Brittany and Adam for chaperoning, and congrats to our amazing students!

10/24 – Our Upper Grades students enjoyed their ELA-themed Expeditionary Thursday fieldwork on this beautiful day.  Stay tuned for our longer post.

10/24 – The BCS Wolves Girls Volleyball Team has a winning record (9-0)!  Go Wolves!

Taron’s Grade 7 crew forge ahead with their service project for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  They have put up two bulletin boards around the school, talked with other crews about an inspirational art project, and are organizing a Lunch and Learn with a breast cancer survivor.

So proud of our graduates – they come back to update us about their achievements and we are always so inspired!

Math 6 students work on their Mosaic projects as part of their decimals, fractions, percents unit.

ELA 9 students take group class notes as they read Poet X.

10/25 – Playwright Sam Chanse, author of Lydia’s Funeral Video, and a
professor of Creative Writing at University of Rochester, visited
Stephen’s Crew on Friday.