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1/7-11 – Highlights of the Week!

A very busy week at Brooklyn Collaborative!

1/7 – Our Upper Grades Yoga class is starting to move into more advanced moves.  Check out junior Stephan R doing a super advanced pose called “Wild Thing”!


1/7 – Stephen took several seniors on a special invitation from The Grey Rock Company to see a play put on by a co-coordinated company of Palestinians and Israelis at LaMama Theatre in the East Village this afternoon.
1/7 – 6th grader Ismail started an Origami Club that runs during lunch in the library.  Go, Ismail!  Each one, teach one!
Origami Club
1/8 – So many students took advantage of Mastery Support Tuesdays to improve their work and get help from their teachers!
Mastery Support

1/8 – We had a great SLT and PTA meeting. We’re intensely planning our Feb 9 gala.  Please come!

1/9 – Brooklyn Collaborative continued our partnership with The Tribeca Film Institute this past week by premiering Sauntario, a short documentary about immigration policy struggles.


1/11 – PreCalculus PBATs were a success!  Students presented on sinusoidal functions and how a city’s latitude affects the amount of daylight hours they receive and how to represent that algebraically using a sin/cos curve.

Algebra 2 roundtables Algebra 2 roundtables Algebra 2 roundtables Algebra 2 roundtables

1/11 – Student Council is up and away, brainstorming initial ideas after reviewing the lists submitted by crews from their grade teams.

Student Council Student Council

1/11 – Our Model Job Fair was an incredible event.  Students interviewed underclassmen and presented about their internship sites.  So proud of our interns and Tanisha and Jesse!

1/11 – We had our last home games this week for Girls and Boys Basketball.  Go Wolves!

1/11 – Our New Year Potluck was wonderful!  We had so many students, graduates, and families attend to dine together and enjoy performances from our Cheer Team, our Lower Grades Band, and our Lower Grades Afterschool Dance Team!  HAPPY NEW YEAR from BCS to you!