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1/13-17 – Highlights of the Week

An incredibly busy week to end the academic semester!


1/13 – Our Deputy Superintendent Lara Evangelista, TDEC Becca Tatischeff, and Principal Taeko Onishi from Lyons Community School visited our school today.  They observed a team meeting and several classrooms.  They saw Grade 6 Math using the partial product method for multiplying numbers, Grade 7 Science making wet mounts for slides of animal and plant cells, and Grade 12 ELA analyzing the best evidence to support Maslow’s Hierarchy.




1/13 – Twin Day was so much fun!



1/13 – Girls Varsity Basketball played their last home game!  So proud of our student athletes!


1/13 – Junior intern, Stiven V, and his mentor at Salon Bohemia, Jaleel.  So grateful to all the sites hosting interns this semester!


1/14 – Brian’s Computer Science students held a website showcase.  Students made websites from HTML/CSS to analyze data they gathered about a question that is important to them.



1/14 – Melissa’s Native and Heritage Speakers class had their semester-end on-demand assessments about their community action projects.



1/14 – Students in Grade 7 Drama enjoyed a game of Sheep and Shepard with teacher Lauren S.



1/15 – As part of MS College Access for All, the 7th grade went on a whole-grade visit to Bronx Community College, as part of the CUNY Explorers program.  CUNY Explorers offered a very in-depth tour program for middle school students and allowed them to explore different activities on a college campus.  On this visit, students had an opportunity to visit campus facilities, medical/biology labs, and an art studio with hands-on activities. 


1/15 – Our school’s Mastery Team went to Brooklyn Borough Hall to work with the 40+ other schools implementing mastery grading practices with support from the DOE Mastery Collaborative.


1/15 – BCS interns visited the Method Studios in Chelsea today where our guest speaker Alex shared the studios’ highlights reel of every Marvel movie (the studio works on the CGI for the films) and gave a sneak preview to students of two Super Bowl commercials!  What an honor for our students!


1/16 – Students in Stephen’s Government class did a socratic seminar based on the focus question “How do the charges against President Trump reflect a violation of law and The Constitution?”



1/16 – Students in Carmelle and Norma’s ELA 9 did reinterpretations of Romeo & Juliet – Act I, Scene 4 through a BCS lens.



1/16 – At the end of the semester, Crews wisely organized their academic support days.



1/17 – ELA 8 students in Betsy, Lauren, Charene, and Christina B’s classes presented their PBATs on Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.  We are so proud of our students, and we are grateful to all the parents who came as panelists!



1/17 – Poet Larissa Pham joined Stephen’s Crew 10 plus seniors on Friday to share her work.


1/17 – Student Council Changemakers participated in an equity session, focused on what is the difference between equity and equality, and what does educational equity mean at BCS?